Watashi no namae wa…

Jep. U-chan haastoi nimigeneraattoreilla XD
***Your Japanese Name Is…***
Kimi Saionji
***What Terhi Means***
T is for Trendy
E is for Elitist
R is for Rebellious
H is for Hot
I is for Industrious
***Your Elf Name Is…***
Baby Fluffernutter
***Your Pirate Name Is…***
Bloody Hook-Handed Helen
***Your French Name is:***
Elle Meyer
***Your Vampire Name Is…***
High Priestess of New Orleans
***Your Scandinavian Name is:***
Erling Arvid
***Your True Love’s Name Is***
John E.
***Your Old Fashioned Name Is…***
Maria Aldebourne
***What Terhi Means***
T is for Tiger
E is for Enchantment
R is for Rum-Rum
H is for Hot Lips
I is for Itchy Lips
***Your Celebrity Baby Name Is…***
Cairo Fuchsia
***Your Uncommon Name Is:***
Sparkle Marybelle Huddle
What Very Uncommon Name Should You Have?
***Your Androgynous Name Is:***
Marion Robin
***Your 1950s Name is:***
Wanda Lois
***Terhi Kristiina Ala-Keturi’s Aliases***
Your movie star name: Shrimp Eino
Your fashion designer name is Terhi Paris
Your socialite name is Tessu Helsinki
Your fly girl / guy name is T Ala
Your detective name is Cat Haapamäen Yhteiskoulu
Your barfly name is Gingersnap Kossu
Your soap opera name is Kristiina Verkkomäentie
Your rock star name is Chocolate Sonic
Your Star Wars name is Ternek Alaedo
Your punk rock band name is The Confused Pipsqueak
The Amazing Meganame Generator
Toi vika oli paras XD Heippa~
~Teru-chan The Confused Pipsqueak


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